Students for Sensible Drug Policy at James Madison University

Students for Sensible Drug Policy is an international grassroots organization composed of students who concern themselves with the impact that abusive and improper drug use has on our communities, our societies, and present and future generations. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young individuals to participate in the political process to end the War on Drugs by pushing for sensible and effective drug policies. In an effort to achieve a greater future, we are focusing our efforts on fostering debate within the Harrisonburg community to understand the role that current drug policies play in the general social order, to work for a world in which drug policies are not motivated by political gain, special interest, or anything other than the ideals set forth in the Bill of Rights or the United States Constitution, and to foster debate in favor of viable alternatives to existing drug policies.

Our Focus

In the James Madison University chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy we especially emphasize the importance of safety. We believe that harm reduction is of the utmost importance and with resources like naloxone administration training and fentanyl testing practices, lives will be saved. Moreover, we believe that targeting the issues of unjust drug policies is inherently linked to targeting the issues of social and racial justice. Therefore, criminal justice reform is a top priority. Whether it be drug courts, restorative justice practices, the reduction of the prison industrial complex, or juvenile reform, we support these efforts in the Harrisonburg community. Even more locally, we believe strongly in second chances and amending drug and alcohol policies at JMU like the three strikes policy. We also recognize the potential therapeutic benefits of psychedelics and encourage our members to work to promote the research of psychedelic medicine. Finally, we think Virginia’s prohibition is unfair, counterproductive, costly, and putting us farther behind in a lucrative industry. We fully support the legalization of recreational marijuana not just statewide, but around the world.