Executive Board

Jack Vandemeulebroecke President

Jack Vandemeulebroecke is a sophomore Computer Science major and President and co-founder of the JMU SSDP.  He enjoys running in his free time, and grew up in Arlington Virginia.



Elanra Dulaney, Vice-President

Elanra Dulaney is a freshman Health Sciences major with a minor in Medical Spanish. She hopes to become an occupational therapist. She is the Vice President of SSDP, and is also involved in the JMU Red Cross Club.


Ethan Frye, Treasurer

Ethan Frye is a sophomore Integrated Science and Technology Major concentrating on the study and application of renewable energy resources. He is currently attending James Madison University working to fulfill the role of Treasurer for the organization Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) at JMU. He is hard-working; dedicated and driven to succeed in his personal and professional life. He strives to keep an open mind and is always adapting to new ideas in the business, science, and technological environment.


Becca Smith, Outreach Coordinator

Rebecca Smith is a Sophomore Communications Major with a concentration in intrapersonal relations and a minor in Spanish. She is the Outreach Coordinator for JMU SSDP and is currently employed as the Communications Coordinator for the US Senate Productivity and Quality Award, executing their communications plan.


Aimee Nicolich, Legal Advisor

Aimee Nicolich is a senior Justice Studies major with a double minor in Criminal Justice and Legal Spanish.  She is the Legal Advisor for SSDP and hopes to pursue a law degree after finishing her undergraduate degree. She loves volunteering for the UVA Children’s Hospital and is the current Director of JMU’s dance marathon, MadiTHON.


Joel Ferrel, Secretary

Joel Ferrel is a transfer student from NVCC who got his associates degree in business administration, and is now pursuing a bachelor’s in business management. He loves anything soccer, and is passionate about promoting environmental sustainability.


Hafet Abdulle, Historian

Hafet Abdulle is a freshman Computer Science major and Historian for JMU SSDP. In his free time he enjoys playing basketball and kickball in his free time. He is from Woodbridge, Virginia and is looking to empower minorities.



Michelle Wong, IT Administrator

Michelle Wong is a freshman at JMU double majoring in Computer Science and Intelligence Analysis. She had spent many years traveling and living abroad while actively engaging in charitable work. She speaks Chinese-Cantonese, Chinese-Mandarin, French, in addition to English. As the I.T. administrator of the JMU SSDP, she strives to support and advocate for the mission of the SSDP.



Seth Davis, Subcommittee Liaison 

Seth Davis is a junior History and Art double major. He hopes to continue his education at the California Institute for the Arts and pursue a career in concept art. In his free time he likes to draw, make music, and play video games. In addition to SSDP, Seth is also involved with JMU College Democrats and is the Vice Chair for VAYD’s Labor Caucus.