OSARP Drug Sanction Data

Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices is James Madison University’s restorative justice and accountability practices for students violating policy of the JMU student handbook. 

Overview of Data

  • Drug sanctions for three academic years, 2015-2018

Problems with Data

  • Excluded alcohol, the most prominent substance on campus, from the data given to SSDP
  • Every time a drug charge resulted in a sanction, may get multiple sanctions for same offense
  • Every students gets probation and could get Calling the Shots, hard to quantify how many students actually got disciplined
  • Major and minor violations are counted in the major violation sets
  • Could have minor possession, and major violation
  • Doesn’t entail disciplinary history, what students and what demographics are getting certain charges

Breakdown of Charges

  • Minor offense is what courts would count as a misdemeanor
  • Major offense, felony type offenses
  • On campus
    • Most typical RA or UPD involved
    • If drug use is present and drug is not present, or simply paraphernalia, there might not be criminal charge
    • School requires Preponderance over beyond a reasonable doubt
    • If there is questionable evidence then you will be brought in for questioning

Off Campus Charges

  • For off campus charges, OSARP waits for the students to go through criminal process
  • Gets arrests report  from HPD in City of Harrisonburg and checks against JMU student database regularly
  • HPD may not be telling the school who might be at large or arrests from other jurisdictions

Campus police are own entity, they have school records like what classes a student takes

  • Not too sure on the jurisdiction of the RUSH Drug Task force and how campus police play into that

Process for Sanctions

Drug Sanctions Visualized

  • Only 1 on campus expelled from housing for minor drug offense, only 1 for the whole set of 3 year data
  • 1 on campus major offense where no charge was placed

  • Restitution and recommendation used but not common

  • Restorative circle new for drug offenses
  • University Health Consultation just introduced

Type of Sanctions


  • Probation and Calling the Shots program remain most prominent sanction
  • In the past 3 years only 1 drug related expulsion
  • Reflections programs also prominent
  • New programs like UHC Consultation
  • Many programs workshop based

Raw Table Data

OSARp Drug Sanctions Count 2015-2018

Questions we still have for OSARP

  • What type of drug charges?
  • What is the demographic breakdown of students being sanctioned?
  • Is there certain people who have many charges?
  • How much money is spent per sanction or per student?