Subcommittees are here to execute and uphold the core tenets of JMU SSDP’s mission. Our subcommittees include the following:

  • Research and educate public on the injustices of the criminal justice systems
  • Work with community leaders to enact change locally.
    • Gemeinschaft Home, Valley Justice Coalition, Northeast Neighborhood Association, Faith in Action.
  • Work with at risk individuals to raise awareness of drug policy.
    • Justice Studies Society, Social Work Organization, Environmental Management Club.

  • Stay up to date with the changing marijuana laws in the US and internationally.
  • Branch out to DC and Richmond to lobby for reformed medical and recreational marijuana laws at the state and federal level.
    • Maintain a database of every Virginian politician’s stance on marijuana and criminal justice reform, update to NORML.
  • Works closely with MPP and NORML.

  • Gather information and statistics on new psychedelic research.
  • Understand and educate the process of conducting a psychedelic study, such as how to get funding and approval.
  • Foster connections with organizations and universities currently doing psychedelic research.
  • Create opportunities for students in the club to work in psychedelic research.

  • Minimize harm by working with other harm reduction organizations to inform students on the risks of drug use.
  • Push for harm reduction programs such as Naloxone training, fentanyl testing, drug testing kits, trip sitting, needle exchange programs, and more.
  • Teach students and community members about the dangers of drugs, proper administration, and identifying addiction.
    • DanceSafe, Zendo Project
  • Becoming certified DanceSafe volunteers.